From Mess to Masterpiece: Streamline your Sales Playbook Creation

Discover how leveraging AI can help you achieve your sales quota more quickly by optimizing your sales playbook creation and implementing just-in-time actions to drive growth and boost overall revenue.
SKO done, adoption none!
Sanchit Garg
Sanchit Garg
Cofounder & CEO, Zime
Published July 10, 2024

Is this what your current sales playbook looks like?

“Reps spend too much time on searching for the right information or end up relying on outdated materials.”

"They rush to gather information and end up unprepared for discovery calls."

“Win loss analysis is blurry because I don’t know what’s going on.”

Sounds familiar?

If yes then this blog has all the answers you may be looking for.

Five Stage Sales
If this is what you do, then it’s a vicious cycle!

Your Sales Strategy is scattered

As a sales leader, you've poured your heart into creating a comprehensive sales playbook. But now, it’s just collecting dust on a shelf, and your reps aren’t even looking at it. Chances are, they've already forgotten half of what they learned during training. Despite owning numerous sales enablement tools like Gong, Clari, Mindtickle, etc., you're still stuck in weeds and keep struggling to motivate your reps to adopt your sales playbook and to monitor their adoption progress.

Stuck in weeds despite tools!”
Martin Mackay
Martin Mackay
CRO of Versa Networks

So, what does this mean?

It means it's time to work smarter. Sure, your team is great at gathering data and breaking it down into bite-sized content, and even putting it all into PPTs. But this approach isn't cutting it for onboarding or ongoing training. What you really need is a system that keeps things running smoothly after you’ve created your sales playbook. That’s where AI comes in (more on that later).

Five Stage Sales
Could it be more difficult?!

Reps forget how to advance deals due to lack of actionable insights

When you were a sales rep, how often could you recall all the details from sales enablement training?

Hardly ever, right?

Sounds like a nightmare, doesn’t it?
Sounds like a nightmare, doesn’t it?

This is exactly what happens with sales reps after their training or onboarding. You might hope they remember every question and piece of information, but let’s be real—they’re only human. That’s why the sales playbook needs frequent revisiting. If it isn’t updated regularly, it turns into shelfware.

Keeping the playbook current with product features, pricing, marketing materials, messaging, and value propositions (and more) is crucial. The more up-to-date your sales playbook is, the better your reps will perform on sales calls and the more deals they'll close.

Recent data according to Harvard Business Review shows that using AI for sales:

  1. Increases leads by 50%
  2. Reduces call times by 60%
  3. Results in overall cost reductions of up to 60%

Tracking your sales playbook adoption and analyzing the win-loss becomes challenging

As a sales leader, having access to win rates, call history, and insights into a rep’s or team’s performance makes it easier to adjust and reach your goals faster. Without this information, you’ll find yourself burning the midnight oil, trying to figure out why a particular deal is stuck and at which stage.

Sounds like a nightmare, doesn’t it?
Takes hours to figure this out!

Make your sales plays actionable and measurable

While there could be substitutes (like bandaids) you can use to quickly fix something here and there, Zime offers a customized approach to your company’s sales knowledge. You’ve created the playbook, now it’s time for you to sit back and take a deep breath!

Sounds like a nightmare, doesn’t it?
AI-native GTM Brain optimizing your sales processes

Single source of truth and measurement across your GTM strategy

Leveraging behavioral science, Zime analyzes and extracts insights from all your unstructured sales data, turning it into actionable items for sales reps, managers and leaders. It serves as a single source of truth and measurement across your GTM strategy, unlike Gong, which records but offers limited insights specific to your company and product.

Zime keeps your sales playbook updated as your business evolves, eliminating any confusion about which data to reference. Sales reps receive a pre-call checklist and post-call scorecard enabling managers and leaders to track performance effectively. This also motivates sales reps to perform at their best knowing they will be evaluated right after the call.

More deals closed using the living sales playbook & just-in-time actions

Your sales playbook serves as a reliable reference for account executives, this is exactly why it’s important to have quick and effective actions for reps to follow. Imagine having a pre-call checklist and a post-call scorecard that guides your sales reps through every stage of the deal. Each customer interaction is supported with tailored prep notes, ensuring reps are fully prepared.

What’s more; they get snippets of top reps with win-rate correlation allowing them to learn and improve rapidly.

Sounds like a nightmare, doesn’t it?
Actions, contextual to your sales plays and deal type, delivered just-in-time right into your messaging app.
“Zime is a huge win for all stakeholders; saves 50% of my time on coaching AEs. It helps them self-assess and fix what they forgot or didn't ask.”
Martin Mackay
Evan Fromberg
SVP Of North American Sales at Versa Networks

Easy to track sales playbook adoption with win-loss analysis to improve your sales plays

In your own dashboard, you have access to each rep’s scorecard, deal cycle times, and more. This helps you pinpoint where a deal might be stuck and understand why. You can dive into specific deal stages, analyzing snippets from past recordings and evaluating your team’s overall performance. This clarity is essential for navigating any challenges in your sales pipeline and fostering team growth.

Sounds like a nightmare, doesn’t it?
Tracking sales plays adoption and rep performance

Comprehensive dashboards give you a real time view of metrics like average deal cycle times, helping you streamline processes for maximum efficiency. Essentially Zime turns your sales operations into an open book enabling you to extract insights, shape strategies and drive peak performance.

Sounds like a nightmare, doesn’t it?
Example: Win-loss analysis

Set your sales playbook on auto-update mode with Zime

Your sales plays are now actionable and measurable. Unlike Gong, we believe in not just recording calls, but also analyzing them to give actionable insights to your reps so they can perform better. This is just one of the many things we do. By using Zime, you are able to:

1. Save hours of time as a manager - no need to review each and every recording
2. Save time by not updating the CRM manually because Zime does it for you with a click
3. Personalized actions in the form of a pre-call checklist so sales reps know exactly what to say and do on calls
4. Onboarding and everboarding becomes smoother as the sales playbook is always updated and adopted by account executives.


Why is your sales team lagging behind?

  1. Effective Sales Playbook: Ensure your sales reps stay informed and prepared with an updated sales playbook that includes actionable pre-call checklists and post-call scorecards.
  2. Actions Checklist: Leverage AI to analyze your organization’s sales strategy to provide just-in-time actions to your reps, enhancing performance, and reducing manual effort.
  3. Sales Performance Tracking: Utilize a centralized dashboard to track sales rep performance, deal cycles, win loss analysis, facilitating informed decision making.
  4. Streamlined Sales Operations: Improve efficiency with automated CRM updates and personalized coaching, empowering sales reps to bring in more sales. (aka sales plays adoption)
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Sanchit Garg
Sanchit Garg
Cofounder & CEO, Zime
Meaningful goals drive me. My goal is to empower everyone to be a top-performer with accurate nudges in the workflow. Before InnerFit, I founded TravelTriangle for "Holiday Experience," which achieved market leadership with $42mn+ ARR and a team size of 700+ go-getters.
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Frequently asked questions
How does Zime help solve the challenge of sales playbook adoption?
Zime centralizes scattered sales data into a cohesive knowledge base, making it easily accessible. This ensures reps have up-to-date information for more productive sales interactions. It also ensures just-in-time actions for sales reps so they can perform better, close more deals and be updated with the sales playbook information.
What sets Zime apart from other AI sales tools like Gong?
Unlike other tools that primarily record calls, Zime goes beyond by analyzing data to offer tailored recommendations aligned with company’s sales and marketing data and customer decision drivers. It keeps the sales playbook updated in real-time and integrates seamlessly with most of the messaging tools, fostering continuous improvement and faster sales cycle times.
Can Zime integrate with existing CRM systems and communication channels?
Yes, Zime seamlessly integrates with CRM systems and communication channels to gather and analyze data, providing comprehensive insights and improving overall sales effectiveness.